Line Boring

Line Boring

Fully mobile on-site service.

Even with the best maintenace and care bosses and pivoit points can become worn out and in need of repair. Line boring enables these repairs to be carried out on your site, no need for transport of large or heavy equipment to a workshop, we can come to your site and complete the repairs with a minimum fuss to you.

Line boring on JCB Loader main lift ram boss.
Large bores upto 400mm such as this lorry loader crane slew ring.
Bore welding an over sized boss back to standard

How it works

  1. Bore the worn bosse out over sized
  2. Build the bosse up with a specialist rotary welder.
  3. Re-bore the bosse to suit the pin or bush to tolerances meeting or exceeding O.E.M standards.

We can carry out the complete job from strip down to rebuild, including press fitting new bushes with our portable presses.

We can also supply new hardened pins and a range of bushes including brass, bronze, hardened steel or specialist nylon to suit all your needs.

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