iDig Excavator Control

iDig gives the solution to your needs

iDig is a brand new real time grade control tool for excavating machines.
Sensors are directly fitted to the boom by magnets (no weldings), connected to the cab panel by radio (no wiring), directly powered by the sun (no recharging).

Grade calculation is immediately shown and information given to the operator by a colored LED indicator.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Better accuracy reduces over-cutting, and rework
  • Saves fuel
  • Allows you to dig slope without a grade laser
  • Add up all your savings
  • It pays for itself in 2 months or less!

iDig Touch package – everything fits in one case!

iDig Package

  1. Carrying case
  2. Transportation bag
  3. LED Display – 4 Sensors – 4 Sensors plates – Adhesive – Cleaning
  4. Control box – Cradle for control box
  5. 2 Quick-Connect Cradles for the LED and Control Box with 12/24V Accessory Plug
  6. Laser Pointer – Suction Mounts – One 5/8” Tripod Adaptor – 2 Extension Tubes – 1 Target
  7. Laser XB 525

Why Choose iDig?

1. Technology

iDig is the brand new control “tool” providing at low price same functions as expensive sophisticated systems. Thanks to radio transmission between components, solar cells powered sensors, “fast-fit” fixing plates, installation can be made by the user itself.

2. Easy set up

iDig is provided with display icons guided procedures (patented) to get self automatic calibration performed by the user himself.
Powerful softwares enables an immediate learning and permanent storing of the machine data.
Once set, operation on the jobsite can start.

3. Multiple buckets and machines

Different Jobs Mean Different Machines and Different Buckets. Go From Excavator to Backhoe to Mini. Once Set, iDig Recognizes the Machine and Bucket.

  • Get One For All the Machines in Your Fleet, or Buy One to Use on Your Various Rental Machines
  • iDig Recognizes Multiple Buckets, Including Tilt Buckets (iDig Touch).
  • Optional Accessories: Chassis Sensor for Non Center Pivot Machines, 2nd Boom Sensor, and 2D sensor

Simple removal and attachment allows easy transfer of the sensors to another machine. A kit with a second set of mounting plates can be purchased for an additional machine. If using several machines, the system stores each setup.
Can also be used with various buckets.

4. Ease of use

No need of stops. No need of of grade checks. No need of expensive service personel.
All necessary information is provided to the operator directly into the cab.
Move the boom, the stick and the bucket: in any position you will get an accurate reading of bucket teeth Grade.
Get the accuracy you need, in half the time.

5. Costs cut

One-man system reduces labor, saves time and money.
Typical grade checkers or machine-mounted receivers slow you down.

6. No battery costs with solar charging.

No AC charging is needed.The iDig sensors are very energy-efficient and use a new generation of solar cells.

7. No welding, no measuring tools, no cables required.

Sensors are wireless and use radio communication. No cables to get damaged, eliminate expensive service calls.

8. Sensor mounting plates hold sensors securely

Sensor mounting plates hold sensors securely. The mounting plates get glued or screwed to the machine elements. The sensors get clipped onto the plate and may be easily removed over night with a special removal key.

iDig Features Table