Multione 12 Series Mini Loader – All Wheel Steer Loaders

Four-wheel drive, four steering wheels, 40 hp engine.

With their particularly compact dimensions, the 12 series wheel loaders from MultiOne open up a wide range of applications in all areas of the construction industry.

These efficient machines impress with their dynamic all-wheel drive, high payload, unbeatable manoeuvrability and low operating weight.

MultiOne wheel loaders are designed with an undivided chassis that prevents shifts in the centre of gravity, even on full steering angle. In other words, there is no tipping load loss when the loader is in a steered position.

  • POWER 40hp
  • TIPPING LOAD 1530 kg – 3373 lbs
  • LIFT HEIGHT 3.45 m – 135.8 in

12 Series Plus:

  • All-wheel drive and steering
  • High stability and maneuverability
  • High lifting capacity