Multione 9 Series Mini Loader – Best Lift Capacity-Weight Ratio

Great lifting performances, 50 and 57 hp diesel, Hi-Flow and best in class comfort

MultiOne 9 series is the best articulated mini loader on the market in term of best lift capacity-weight ratio.

The 9 series is the evolution of the top class GT series: the new series continues to impress with a brand new architecture and design making it the only compact mini loader in its class to achieve the performance and standards in a very competitive and cost effective package.

The 9 Series offers superb value for money to the customer looking for all the benefits of a compact yet powerful package. MultiOne mini loaders come at a competitive price without sacrificing power and quality.

These machines are perfectly suited for more demanding jobs requiring high lifting power and pushing force.

  • POWER 57 hp
  • TIPPING LOAD 2600 kg – 5732 lbs
  • LIFT HEIGHT 3.21 m – 126.4 in

9 Series Plus:

  • Advanced and modern frame design
  • Best lift capacity-weight ratio
  • Tier 4 Final