Rototilt R1 Tilt Rotator (1.5 – 3.5 tons)

Rototilt’s new Rototilt R1 tiltrotator is designed for compact machines between 1.5-3.5 tonnes. It is based on the same concept as the larger models of the Rototilt R platform with integrated swivel and greater flexibility with different control systems.

The compact machine segment is growing, with stronger and more technologically advanced machines. An important new feature of the Rototilt R1 is compatibility with the Innovative Control System (ICS) which has a wide range of smart functions. With the supplied in-cab display, operators can easily adjust settings and have a complete overview of the tiltrotator system.


  • Machine weight 6000 – 12000 kg
  • Max bucket width 1500 mm
  • Max breakout force 81 kN
  • Max. breakout torque 85 kNm
  • Weight (from) 290 kg
  • Tilt angle (2x) 40°
  • Rotation speed (1 turn in) 7.0 s at 50 l/min
  • Working pressure 25 MPa
  • Max return pressure 2.0 MPa at 90 l/min
  • Recommended hydraulic flow min 45 l/min
  • Recommended hydraulic flow max 75 l/min
  • Nr of lubrication points 6
  • Turn torque 6600 Nm at 25 MPa
  • Tilt torque singe-acting cylinders 21500 Nm
  • Tilt torque double acting cylinders 26500 Nm