Rototilt R2 Tilt Rotator (3 – 6.5 tons)

For excavators 3–6.5 tonnes. The R2 is a very powerful tiltrotator for its size class. This means a high breakout force and high flow capacity. A big advantage is that you can use the smart control system ICS and SecureLock™.

The advantages of the R2 are many. The design is based on the same concept as for the larger tiltrotators with an integrated swivel. This means reduced hose routing and increased flow capacity.

  • ICS – User-friendly and reliable control system with major flexibility
  • SecureLock™ – Safe locking with unique features
  • Power to spare with high breakout force
  • Efficient hydraulics and the tiltrotator’s low weight minimises the machine’s fuel consumption.
  • The R2 allows double the flow volume for the extra function.


  • Machine weight 3000 – 6500 kg
  • Max bucket width 1200 mm
  • Max breakout force 50 kN
  • Max. breakout torque 43 kNm
  • Weight (from) 170 kg
  • Tilt angle (2x) 40°
  • Rotation speed (1 turn in) 7.0 s at 30 l/min
  • Working pressure 25 MPa
  • Max return pressure 2.0 MPa at 80 l/min
  • Recomended hydraulic flow min 45 l/min
  • Recomended hydraulic flow max 80 l/min
  • Nr of lubrication points 1
  • Turn torque 3900 Nm at 25 MPa
  • Tilt torque double acting cylinders 14400 Nm