Rototilt RT20B Tilt Rotator

The RT20B is the Rototilt tiltrotator in the 3-6 metric ton segment. It provides a smooth, responsive and more economical operation. The smart design also allows pressure and return lines to be connected on either the right or left side to fit all makes of excavator.

  • Fuel efficiency
    Thanks to the improved design, your machine will work more efficiently with reduced fuel consumption and lower power losses.
  • Material selection
    Best performance and lightest weight with components of the highest quality.

Maximize performance and economy

  • More responsive operation thanks to an improved hydraulics solution with the new tilt function moved out along the cylinder.
  • Low weight through carefully considered materials choices and smarter design.
  • Distributor block for single-point lubrication shielded by protective cover.
  • The ability to connect pressure and return lines on either the left or right side means the model fits all makes of excavator (specified when placing order).
  • Technically improved hydraulic motor for extended service life.
  • Minimized pressure drop means lower fuel consumption.
  • Improved harnesses mean more reliable operations and minimized risk of cable breakage.
  • Its ability to connect pressure and return lines on either the left or right side to fit all makes of excavator.
  • Improved economical operation with valves optimized for rotation and extra functions.
  • Ease of service through improved access.
  • Extended service life and optimal operational conditions achieved through the newly designed swivel.


  • Min/max machine weight 3,000–6,000 kg
  • Max standard bucket volume 0.2 m³
  • Max bucket width 1.2 m
  • Max breaking force 45 kN
  • Max breaking torque 38 kNm
  • Tilt angle 2×40°
  • Rotation Unlimited
  • Working pressure 25 MPa
  • Max connected flow 40 l/min